Measured Building Survey Services in the UK

Measured Building Surveys, Floor Plans and Elevations

CDM Surveys Limited carries out all aspects relating to measured building surveys in the UK, including floor plans, elevations and sections. Measured building surveys is an area we specialise in and we undertake all our building surveys using state-of-the-art laser total stations, GPS equipment and on-site tablet computers equipped with software specifically designed for carrying out this type of work. This provides efficient and continuous visual and dimensional checks which allow for a self-checking and streamlined approach and delivery of measured building surveys across the UK, resulting in a higher reliability and accuracy, combined with quicker turnaround times.

Our measured building survey projects cover a wide range of applications including offices, warehouses, commercial and retail developments, care homes and schools as well as hotels and private residences across the UK. Our expertise and experience in providing measured building surveys means that we are continually updating the technology we use to provide a cost-effective specialist solution for all types of building.

Our measured building survey services are often utilised by Architects, Engineers and Building Surveyors who requires accurate representation of chosen buildings so that they can renovate, extend or modify them, or build new structures within the existing building.

Measured building surveys can be delivered in a variety of 2D and 3D formats, depending on client requirements, and where 3D laser scans are specified, point cloud data can be made available.

Typical Clients

  • Property Owners & Developers
  • Property Portfolios
  • Architects
  • Building & Construction Contractors
  • Consulting & Civil Engineers

Floor Plans

Office Block - Floor Plans

Retail Unit - Floor Plans

Mixed Use - Floor Plans


Commercial Building Elevations

Public Sector Building Elevations

High LOD Building Elevations


Large Scale Retail Sections

Residential Building Sections

Staircore Sections